Technieko specializes in the delivery of often hard to get parts for motorsports. With excellent contacts in the motorsport departments of all major automotive manufacturers and suppliers, we can also deliver what other sources can not or only after long delays. Because of our experience with the use of those same parts in competition with the best racing teams in Europe, we can also give perfect advice on which parts best suit your wishes and demands.

We also keep many special components in stock, so we can ensure faster delivery.

Technieko parts include the following items from our own development, as well as racing parts from the best external suppliers:

- Shock absorbers and springs
- All racing engines and spare parts
- LSD's and spare parts
- Unibolts
- Racing wheels
- Sequential gearboxes and components
- Electronics such as race ABS systems and data logging equipment
- Heated windshields
- Carbon fiber and composite body panels
- Original factory racing parts
- Racing batteries

For all questions on and orders of racing parts you can contact our parts department 24 hours a day through